Mercury Media is a brand leader of video production - event reports, employee trainings, company happenings - and TV productions.

Here is what we can help you with:

Our co-workers have created world-class formats and also they’ve made format programs for polish market. Our offer includes the purchase, production and adaptation of Polish and foreign formats to broadcasters requirements.

Commercial is a a particularly demanding video form. Every second and every frame in the video is more than important. Professionals who You will be working with are perfectly aware of the importance of the smallest details and they will make Your final video comply with even the most excessive standards

In the era of Internet and very fast information flow, the presence of companies in the most accessible form - video form - is the basis for the existence and acquisition of new contracts. Cooperation with us will bring real and measurable effects in the promotion of your company

Each event - local or nationwide - will live for a long time in the participants' awareness if it is immortalized in the most accessible form - in the form of video. Those who did not make it to the event ... They will see what they have lost and maybe they will come next time?

Live broadcasts from trainings or symposia are one of the tools of the twenty-first century that allow us to reach our farthest corners of the world with our knowledge in the blink of an eye.

Every large company wants to take care of employees and make sure that the available knowledge for high-level employees is transferred in an proper way further on the business road. Corporate video is a great way to complement existing communication procedures in any company.

An affordable form of video production that reduces the cost of material production. Our animation experts will fulfill every task and make your ideas be transferred to the form of animation in the smallest details.

Instructions for using any devices and applications included in the accessible form of the film (which you can always stop, play again or split its viewing into steps) will resolve almost any problem without direct involvement of the support or customer service.

Training contained in video materials have a huge advantage over on-the-spot training. They allow you to reach recipients working remotely, wanting to stay during training in the comfort of they own home or office. This is an important branch of support for employees of every - even the smallest company.

Getting with our event, training or presentation to the furthest corners of the world live can positively demonstrate our respect for recipients, customers or employees. Growing online transmission industry means that this form of videomakes no difference - technically and realizing - to television broadcasts.

The members of our team are also artists. Many of them have great experience in bands and music productions. This experience makes us perfectly familiar with the realities in which music bands on the Polish market move. Because of our experience and knowledge, we can produce a world-class music video, but within an attractive budget.

Comprehensive services in the field of video production and postproduction.

We can offer you comprehensive services in the field of video production and postproduction. The experience we have gained over the years of being in the industry you can see on every step of creation - from the beginning, through realization up to the final product.

Our videos are created using the latest available technologies, but - at the same time - still remaining attractive at prices.